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Using this Web Site  

How do I view other pages on this web site?

Click on links.
Each web page on this site has two columns. The column on the left is the web site navigation; which mean that it has links to other web pages. To view another page, position the cursor over a link, such as the word "Handbags," now click (normally, with the left mouse button) on the link. The Handbag web page will open in your Internet browser.
There are also other links on these web pages. On of some pages you will text (probably underlined, it depends on your browser settings) that you can click to go to that location (such as, "Back to the C. L. Whiting Home Page"). You may also see buttons that are links, these also open other web pages in this web site.

Here are some link buttons that you might see:

Displays a the items in your shopping cart.

Adds the an item to the shopping cart and then displays the shopping cart listing web page.
home button Displays the C. L. Whiting Home page.
continue shopping button Displays the C.L. Whiting shopping web pages.
update quatity button Updates the pricing on the View Cart (Order Summary) web page after you change the number of items that you want to order.
delete cart button Removes all of the items from your shopping cart.
edit cart button Allows you to make change the quantities in the shopping cart or delete all cart contents.
edit shipping info button Allows you to make change the Ship To info.
help button Displays instructions for ordering.
review order button  1st step in completing your order. 
Proceeds to an order review with the shipping, handling and taxes included.
Add or edit your shipping info too.
checkout button 2nd step in completing your order.
Proceeds to a web page for making payments after you have reviewed your order.
place order button 3rd and Last step in completing your order.
Places the order with C.L. Whiting and sends the invoices.



How do I get back to the start?

Click the "Home" link in the left column. If you are on an invoice page, then click the Home button at the bottom of the page.

I would like to see a close-up view of an item.

The leather patterns are so beautiful it's worth the wait to load a large picture. Just click on the small picture of any handbag or accessory and a large picture will display.
To return to original page, press the Back button in your browser's toolbar. It probably looks something like this:

How do I place an order?

Click here for a web page that explains the online ordering process

Items are not appearing in the shopping cart. What's wrong?

Cookies aren't enabled in your Internet browser.
Click here for an explanation.

How can I change the size of the text on the screen, it's too big/small?

This is a setting in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, etc.). Consult the Help menu of your browser for direction on making this change. (For example, in IE 5, on the View menu, click Text Size, then select a larger or smaller size.
You may also want to consider increasing the changing the setting of of your display (computer monitor). Many monitors are factory configured at 640x480. This is a setting in the Windows Control panel. Be advised, normally it is easy and harmless, but it can lead to PC configuration mess. Ask a knowledgeable friend to help, if you are unsure of potential problems.

Any other question about this web site?

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