C.L. Whiting Collection


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Leather Patterns

Here are just a few of the leaf patterns.
Please allow the artist to select the leaf patterns for all items.

Close-up of Leaf Pattern    Leaf Pattern

Unlike other handtooled leather,
C.L. Whiting has developed a leather technique that raises the pattern above the surface of the leather.

Small Leaf Pattern   Evergreen Fir Leaf Pattern

Since over 5000 custom tools are used to form these intricate leather patterns, 
please allow the artist to select the leaf pattern for you.

Small Ginko Leaf Pattern   Yarrow Plant Pattern

Each leather item is a work of art,
as no two are exactly alike. 

Close-up of Fern Pattern  

Money Plant Pattern

Dried Flower Pattern  

Japanese Maple Pattern

Grass Leaf Pattern on Gray Leather   

Mimosa Leaf Pattern on Gray Leather